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★ 表單報名:即日起~4/22(一)
★ 面試時間:5/11(六)~5/17 (五)
★ 招募簡章:https://reurl.cc/54yokn
★ 報名表單:https://forms.gle/k7NG7fExvB4BZpjq8

★ 說明會日期:3/19(二)、3/21 (四) 12:30-13:10 
(※ 兩場內容一樣,選一場報名即可)
★ 說明會地點:學生第二活動中心705教室
★ 報名網址:
★ 備註:活動提供便當!

★書院官網: https://osa_activity.ntu.edu.tw/freshmen/orientationcamp/OC16Schedule
★ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/NTUOC
★ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/ntuorientation

The 113th First-year Students Orientation Camp (OC) starts recruiting  !
This time, OC has undergone revisions once again. 
In addition to the existing role of the game master, leading freshmen activities on-site,
we add warm up online in the event.
In other words,  we will devide first-year students into several group and create Line group for ice-breaking sessions to comprehensively guide new students in getting to know National Taiwan University.
We are recruiting game master for both Chinese and bilingual activities.
Check the brochure to see what positions are available!

【17th First-year students Orientation Camp recruitment information】 
▍Register: From now to 4/22 (Mon.)
▍Recruitment Brochure:https://reurl.cc/54yokn
▍Register Form:https://forms.gle/QmyVT2f7iM6hziWk6

【Seminar Information】
★ Date:Mar.19(Tue.)、Mar.21(Thu.) 12:30-13:10
(※ The contents of both sessions are the same, just choose one to register.)
★ Location:Second Student Activity Center 705 room
★ Note : We will provide lunch for attendees. 
★ Register Form:https://forms.gle/A7myatgv4adSFdtC7

【17th First-year students Orientation Camp Social Media】
▍Website: https://osa_activity.ntu.edu.tw/freshmen/orientationcamp/OC16Schedule

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